PSV 5 is the official Probate system for Nebraska, by the Nebraska State Bar Association & Basha Systems.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that PSV 5 is being phased out by the Nebraska State Bar Association and will be replaced by a “Probate Module” in the NSBA’s NEBDOCs automation system. Basha Systems, under contract to NSBA, has converted the system to HotDocs to ease the transition to the new platform.  PSV is no longer offered for sale.  However, those already have licenses to PSV will continue to be able to use the product and purchase additional units to allow users to open new probate files in the software. Basha Systems will continue to provide “technical support” to any existing installations of PSV-5. However, Basha Systems will not supply an further updates to the templates that are included in PSV-5 and will not make any new sales of base packages to customers.

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