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No matter what your current level of knowledge is in your chosen document assembly or practice management product, Basha Systems can provide you with the necessary expert training.  We hold formal vendor-certification in the leading document assembly systems, including HotDocs, XpressDox, ContractExpress and Exari.   We also have extensive experience with Time Matters, ActionStep, CenterBase, ZolaSuite, and Rocket Matter.

Quick Start

Do you need a quick boost to get you going from a certified software consultant? Register for two hours of live training, delivered straight to your desktop.

Focus Session

Whether you need to start with the basics, refine your skills, or work your way through a nasty set of code, consider a four-hour focus session with a certified software consultant.

Boot Camp

Have you ever wanted to set aside a “whole” day to learning software? Stay home and power up your high-speed internet connection, put your phone on speaker, and get ready to work like you never have before. A certified software consultant will take you through six hours of personalized online training.

Boot Camp – On Site

For when you really want to be put through the grinder, have an expert consulting on site for a flat per diem rate.  Travel expenses are billed at cost.